25" 7-Blade McLane Reel Mower with Honda Engine & Front Caster Wheels

25" 7-Blade McLane Reel Mower with Honda Engine & Front Caster Wheels
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These are NOT equipped with the front roller which prevents scalping, so we highly suggest that they be used on very flat lawns, or to cut in the 1-inch to 2-inch range. ( They can cut as low as 1/4" and as high as 2-inches in most conditions )

Features include:

  • McLane is the only Engine-Powered Reel Mower manufactured in the USA, by American Workers, using 99% American Components!

  • Designed specifically for Zoysia, Bermuda, and Paspalum grass, this mower will cut as low as 1/4" and as high as 2", the perfect range to keep these turf types healthy and looking great.

  • Honda GX160 Industrial-Series Engine with cast-iron cylinder sleeve, low-oil shutdown, ball-bearing supported crankshaft, dual element air filtration system, large quiet exhaust, and XXL fuel tank

  • Induction Heat-Treated, Armor-Plate 7-Blade Reel maximizes time between sharpenings

  • Exclusive curved bedknife design provides an unmatched quality of cut

  • Touch-a-matic Engine Clutch control provides maximum operator comfort without the need to feather a thumb-type drive

  • Unique Grass Shield Diverter Fins evenly disperse grass clippings into catcher

  • Shipped Freight-FREE to 48 States!

  • If your desire is to have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood, one that looks like a golf course and feels like a carpet - you must maintain it with a reel-type mower like the pro's use.

    A McLane Reel Mower is exactly what you need to manicure cut your property at the correct height without scalping to provide the quality of cut you see only on a Golf Course.

    Unlike a regular rotary blade mower, McLane Reel Mowers provide a precision cut and a healthier lawn by cutting much lower without scalping . . . helping the turf to develop a more extensive root system and becoming more drought tolerant. This is why you will never see an athletic field, tennis court, or golf course green being cut with a rotary mower, not even one time.

    McLane Reel Mowers will cut as low as 1/4" and as high as 2", depending on the model you choose. This is the correct and healthiest height for Zoysia, Bermuda, Paspalum and other premium grass types.

    All McLane Reel mowers are Made in the USA and feature quality components including induction heat-treated cutting reels and bed knifes for the ultimate in precision and reliability.

    McLane mowers are equipped with Touch-A-Matic drive controls for smooth and easy operation, along with roller drive for positive traction. All McLane cutting reels use only high-quality ball-bearings for maximum service life and the smoothest possible operation. Mclane Reel Mowers and Edgers are available with your choice of Honda GX-Series Industrial-grade or Briggs & Stratton Engines.

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