McLane Edger with Honda GX120 Industrial-Series Engine

McLane Edger with Honda GX120 Industrial-Series Engine
Item# ME-120
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McLane Edgers use a single lever blade clutch and depth control. The cutter head is precision machined and uses sealed precision ball bearings on a 9-inch spring steel blade. Each Edger utilizes an all steel heavy-duty chassis along with a tubular steel handle, and is finished with a powder coated-baked polyester paint that resists chipping and corrosion.

McLane Edgers cut vertically or horizontally, and do it smoothly thanks to wide rubber tires with ball bearing wheels. Best of all, McLane edgers are designed to ride on most curbs while still delivering a clean cut every time. The blade can be quickly and easily tilted to almost any angle, and will trim flat at any height. The front wheels move to convert from edger to trimmer in seconds.